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S.A.Composters gardening tips

Tip 1: When used for planting, compost ensures a healthy start for any shrub, tree or vegetable.

Tip 2: Spread throughout the garden, compost encourages vigorous worm activity.

Tip 3: Compost spread approximately 4 cm deep around fruit tress and covered by a mulch works wonders.

Tip 4: Topping up pot plants with compost conserves moisture and gives them a new lease of life.

Tip 5: For best results with compost, work the compost into the soil to the root depth with a fork or rotary hoe for larger areas.

Tip 6: Compost is the magic ingredient for improving and speeding up your home vegetable scraps compost bin.

Tip 7: Container plants feel the stress of the summer ‘cooking’ the potting mix with its heat. To keep the temperatures down, cover the top layer of the soil with mulch.

Tip 8: Before planting new trees and shrubs in these times of severe water restrictions, incorporate water crystals into the soil to a depth where the roots will reach. After planting use at least 10-15l of water to thoroughly soak the soil right down to a level below the bottom of the root ball. Repeat the deep watering in a few days time and then weekly for a month. This helps develop a deep root system.

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