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SA Composters has become a favourite amongst Adelaide Landscapers wanting both a quality finish to their jobs and a long lasting soil improvement solution.  Whether you require a coarse mulch for native landscapes or to cover larger areas to suppress weeds, or a fine mulch for ornamental gardens, SA Composters can supply and deliver both.

SA Composters is well aware of the importance of getting jobs done on time and hence we offer landscapers priority deliveries and can usually deliver everything you need in one delivery.

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Landscapers use compost as a soil amendment and for decorative purposes at properties , golf courses and athletic fields.  They also use compost to cover landfills  and carry out reclamation projects.

Supplies of high-quality, low-cost topsoil are declining, particularly in urban areas where the demand is greatest. Compost is, therefore, becoming particularly important in applications requiring large amounts of topsoil. Increasingly, compost is being used as an alternative to natural topsoil in new construction, landscape renovations, and container gardens. Using compost in these types of applications is not only less expensive than purchasing topsoil, but it can often produce better results when trying to establish a healthy vegetative cover.

After a lawn or garden has been established, maintaining it can be a challenge for both home gardeners and commercial landscape contractors. While aeration, topdressing, and chemical fertilizer applications are some of the techniques commonly employed in landscaping applications, compost can be a successful alternative. When used as a topdressing, or periodically tilled into the soil, compost can stimulate plant growth, reduce pests and plant infestation, and improve soil structure.

Compost is also an effective landscaping mulch. Placed over the roots of plants, compost mulch conserves water and stabilizes soil temperatures. In addition, compost mulch keeps plants healthy by controlling weeds, providing a slow release of nutrients, and preventing soil loss through erosion. Landscapers and gardeners also use compost as mulch because its dark, rich color accents the vibrant colors of flowering plants. Using amended compost can significantly reduce the costs associated with turf management.

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