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To better serve our customers, we aim to provide as much information about our products as we can to make your choice easier.  Please find below further information about a range of our products.
Organic Compost Range  
Organic Fine Sieved Compost;
Our premium compost, this product has been of consistent quality for twenty years.  Screened to 7mm minus it is perfect for incorporating into soil prior to planting.  Compost can retain up to ten times its weight in water. Matured compost is a 100% organic soil improver containing primary nutrients as well as trace elements, humus, and humic acids, in a slow release form.  Compost improves soil porosity, drainage, aeration and moisture holding capacity at the same time as reducing compaction.
To maintain excellent soil conditions a regular light dressing also gives a premium finish to flower and vegetable gardens.

  • Increases water and fertiliser holding capacity
  • Builds rich living soil
  • No unpleasant odour
  • Easy to handle
  • Concentrated by the natural compost process

Organic Coarse Compost:
Fully composted and screened to 25mm minus, this mulching compost has become our best seller. With plenty of fines for concentrated soil improvement as well as decomposed woody material for moisture retention, this product is a versatile time saving landscaping product.
Landscapers requested the smaller screen size for a neater appearance and have reported excellent feed back from customers.

  • Reduces evaporation
  • Rich dark colour contrasts with foliage for a great finish
  • Smothers out weeds
  • Increases water and fertilizer holding capacity
  • Reduces non wetting problems
  • Competitively priced
  • Promotes plant vigour, health and colour
  • Lasts well due to the woody content

Compost Blends:  
Organic Potting Mix :
At Last! An organic potting mix!  SA Composters blend fine organic compost with coconut fibre, river sand, composted bark, rock minerals, and organic nutrients.  This is a quality container -growing medium with good balance between drainage and moisture holding capacity.  NASAA certification allows you to grow pure food and ornamental plants with confidence.

  • Recommended for general purpose potting use
  • Drainage properties have been modified by bark and sand
  • Contains compost, bark, manure, river sand, coconut fibre organic fertilisers, clay and rock minerals
  • pH 7.5
  • More biological life than most potting mixes
  • No chemical fertilisers, treatments or wetting agents

Garden Soil:
SA Composters own blend of fine sieved organic compost, composted animal manures, propagating sand, sandy loam, rock minerals, gypsum and organic nutrients.  Our Garden Soil is also Certified with NASAA.
This is a general purpose, manufactured garden soil, ideal for building up height in beds and behind retaining walls.

  • Not recommended for acid loving plants
  • Nitrogen containing fertiliser is required
  • Available in bulk direct only from SA Composters
  • Best covered with one of SA Composters quality mulches

Eco Mulch:
This high humus mulch is our answer to establishing native plantings.  Eco-Mulch will provide an effective short-term weed control and a long term soil improvement.  The natural appearance compliments native groundcovers and shrubs.
For "non-gardeners" an Eco-mulched native garden is a very low maintenance and water saving alternative.  Once established they almost look after themselves!

  • Light coloured woody pieces with a dark humus background
  • Low nutrient level is correct for natives
  • Pleasant to use, no odour
  • Good water penetration and retention
  • Encourage diverse soil ecology

Other Mulches:
Woodland Mulch:
Wood land mulch is a dark, woody, fibrous mulch that offers excellent moisture retention and weed suppression along with some soil improvement.  Sized through 100mm hexagonal screens in our grinding plant, it is an attractive, natural looking mulch suited to a wide range of landscaping applications, both residential and commercial.
Cottage Blend:
A rich, well composted blend of Woodland Mulch and Mushroom Compost, offering a dark, premium grade mulch with excellent soil improvement qualities for the longer term.  Well suited to a wide range of garden mulching projects, particularly where a neat, dark appearance is required.
Landscapers Mulch:
A very long-lasting, durable fibrous, woody mulch, offering a natural look to your landscape. Sized through 100mm hexagonal screens in our grinding plant, it is a light brown colour, with an even composition of woody and fibrous material that is slightly chunky.
Due to circumstances beyond our control involving a high volume of illegally dumped waste material, this product may contain; plastic, non-ferrous metal and other contaminants.  We sincerely apologise for this and appreciate your continued understanding and support.
Tree Mulch:  
For a deep, weed suppressing ground cover, our non-composted Tree Mulch is an ideal solution.  Especially good as an economical way of managing a large low maintenance area with already established plants and trees.
Where quick soil improvement is required, a 2cm layer of SA Composters Coarse Compost can be put down first to create a layered mulching.

  • Mulched up trees of various types
  • Light and easy to spread
  • Lasts well, gradually breaks down into the soil
  • Allows good water penetration
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Smothers out weeds
  • Natural bush-land appearance

Landscape Supplies:
Here at SA Composters, we also stock a range of other landscaping supplies such as sands, soils and barks. 
For our full range, please refer to our price list page.
Fertilisers and Garden Supplies:
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