SA Composters Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis of Biomass promises a revolution in agricultural capacity, energy production, carbon sequestration and atmosphere regeneration.

SA Composters have identified this process as being complimentary to composting process and have been chosen to be involved.

Since 2004, we have been working on a pyrolysis plant currently to convert some of our mulch into charcoal or Biochar.  The aim is to create an input into our Organic Potting Mix and Garden Soil that will darken the products at the same time as improving performance. however, we do not have any commercial quantities of Biochar yet.

We have added this info to our website for your interest and to promote what we believe will become a very important new technology for the future.

So Watch this Space for more details in the future!!

Whilst we are updating this page with further information, please browse through the following useful links on Pyrolysis.

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