Other Mulches

Woodland Mulch: $28.00 per m3

Wood land mulch is a dark, woody, fibrous mulch that offers excellent moisture retention and weed suppression along with some soil improvement. Sized through 100mm hexagonal screens in our grinding plant, it is an attractive, natural looking mulch suited to a wide range of landscaping applications, both residential and commercial.

Landscapers Mulch: $28.00 per m3

A very long-lasting, durable fibrous, woody mulch, offering a natural look to your landscape. Sized through 100mm hexagonal screens in our grinding plant, it is a light brown colour, with an even composition of woody and fibrous material that is slightly chunky.

Due to circumstances beyond our control involving a high volume of illegally dumped waste material, this product may contain; plastic, non-ferrous metal and other contaminants. We sincerely apologise for this and appreciate your continued understanding and support.

Tree Mulch: $28.00 per m3

For a deep, weed suppressing ground cover, our non-composted Tree Mulch is an ideal solution. Especially good as an economical way of managing a large low maintenance area with already established plants and trees.

Where quick soil improvement is required, a 2cm layer of SA Composters Coarse Compost can be put down first to create a layered mulching.

  • Mulched up trees of various types
  • Light and easy to spread
  • Lasts well, gradually breaks down into the soil
  • Allows good water penetration
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Smothers out weeds
  • Natural bush-land appearance
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